Friday, March 02, 2012

Recruitment Sourcing Magic – Proper Attitude

When I listen to recruiters discuss sourcing some have an amazing attitude. They are like Labrador Retrievers on the search – pant, pant, pant, There! Other recruiters act almost like sourcing is an imposition. They want to try to find the easiest way to “screen out” candidates.

What is the correct attitude? Well, recruiters who understand that recruiting is a sales process, enjoy the hunt for the perfect candidate. Why is their attitude important?

What is one of the most important functions in Human Resources? The sourcing and attraction of the talent that will propel the company forward. These are candidates who feel they are happy in their current position until a talented recruiter contacts them – and by the way, that recruiter may be a corporate recruiter or a contingent/retained/contract (third party) recruiter.

The recruiter with the best attitude “knows” they will succeed finding the best qualified candidate that is also the best fit. Why? Their motivation is intrinsic. They know they will succeed because they EXPECT to succeed. Then they follow their proven sourcing process to find the best candidates.

Remember the recruiter (could also be corporate or third party) who wants to “screen” candidates? They are saying they will not look beyond supplied resumes – and hope they don’t have to look through many of them. These are the same people who expect their applicant tracking system to screen out unqualified candidates. What they do not understand is that those applicant tracking systems also screen out passive candidates who refuse to complete an application before contact from the company.

A Hall of Fame basketball coach, Morgan Wootten, once told my class that people live up to your expectations. If you expect they will succeed, they will. If you expect they will fail, they will also meet your expectations.

Therefore recruiters who expect to succeed generally will do everything they can to meet that expectation. They are driven to succeed.

Which recruiter will make a bigger impact on their company/client? Probably not the one you expect. Can you imagine the damage inflicted on companies by recruiters who are not interested in searching for the best candidates? The cost of a poor hire may even cost a small business its financial success.

How does a company turn around their recruiting effort?
1) Make it easy for candidates to submit their resume – no, Really Easy! Applicant Tracking Systems are built to handle many resumes. Let them accept the resumes and give your recruiters a larger choice of potentially qualified candidates.
2) Move the online application after a phone screen and prior to the onsite interview. Candidates are then motivated to complete the application.
3) Provide your recruiting staff tools such as Broadlook’s Internet research tools that help identify new candidates.
4) Provide your recruiters with “recruiting is sales” training.
5) Consider bringing in temporary recruitment support to recruit and train your recruiters.
6) Provide your recruiters with advanced interview training. This is where screening is important.
7) Expect your recruiters will succeed finding the best candidates for your company.