Thursday, November 24, 2011

10 Tips for Successful Hiring Manager Interviews

1) Create effective job description that includes the 3, 6, 9, and 12 month goals for that specific position Makes the skills and experience necessary to be successful the first year crystal clear.
2) Use the goals and the departments this position interfaces with to create an interdepartmental interviewing team that focuses on its area.
3) Create an interview that combines behavioral interviewing with 1 and 2 step interview questions to probe skills and experience.
4) Each interviewer focuses on their skill area – and reports how well the candidate would do in their area.
5) Treat the candidate as a potential client – they may be in the future.
6) After interview and within 24 hours, the interview team meets and discusses candidate. Each member of team gives thumbs up or down. The hiring manager accepts their opinions and makes the final hire/no hire decision after the reference check/drug test/background test processes.
7) The hiring manage is taught how to conduct reference checks since they know everything the candidate will need to accomplish. Remember, they make critical decisions every day that impact company. They will conduct a more meaningful reference check than anyone else.
8) Once reference check/drug test/background check process is complete, the final hire/no hire decision is made.
9) Based on the information collected during the interviewing and reference checking processes, create an offer based on corporate compensation, budget, and scarcity of candidates.
10) Begin your offer process by selling the candidate on the position again, asking how they will handle counter offer, and extending the offer.