Sunday, March 06, 2011

Recruiting Function – How Highly Valued in Your Company?

Since 1981 I have been a professional recruiter/recruiting consultant. Over the years, I have worked with start-up ventures and large multinational companies (many you know). For 1 ½ years I was the Recruiting Manager of a telecom start-up until they went public. My clients valued the recruitment function. They knew their recruitment processes needed improvement and invited me back as they needed tweaking.

Why do my clients value the recruitment function? They realize every position is critical in a growing company (Companies are either growing or they are shrinking). Are customer support positions critical in your company? Who is your point of contact with customers when they are encountering problems? Are they going to encourage customers to continue to purchase your products/services or go elsewhere? And what level of person in your company recruits for these critical people?

If the entry level position in Human Resources is recruitment, what does that say about the value of “talent acquisition” in that company? When I see companies are looking for “contract recruiters” that they want to pay $15 to $35 per hour, it is easy to see the value that company puts on recruitment. Remember, if you pay for advanced clerks, you receive advanced clerks.

Recruiting is a sales process. This is the simplified example to demonstrate that recruitment is a sales process - there is a sourcing function, a needs analysis function (interviews), an offer function, and a close. Sounds like a sales process to me.

Are the people that your company hires for the recruiting function sales professionals? Do you train them to act like sales professionals? Do they provide great customer service like great sales professionals? Do you train them how to conduct effective interviewing screens? Are they creative?

This week we will discuss interviewing potential recruiters. Then we will discuss one of the better processes to begin a new recruiter.