Friday, March 18, 2011

Interview Questions for Fulltime Corporate Recruitment Candidates

Your company needs to hire a recruiter. You’ve decided that you would prefer to find someone who is a fulltime employee. What questions do you plan to ask the recruitment candidates?

Your first step is to go to your job description. What level of experience do you seek? Obviously entry level candidates will be questioned differently than experienced corporate recruiters. The competition for qualified candidates is beginning to heat up. Therefore, you may want to try to recruit an experienced successful recruiter.

What are the first year goals for this position? Are there strategic duties required, such as recruitment strategy development? What planning responsibilities are required?

Remember that recruiting is a sales process. Therefore, your interview questions should help identify the sales strengths of your candidates.

The warm up questions may be:

Discuss your responsibilities at your current company. What were your challenges? How did you overcome your challenges? What challenges do you feel could have been handled differently? Why? It appears that you are doing a good job (if they are) for them, why are you interested in making a change at this time?

Then you can focus on the goals for your position and sales skills.

What have you discovered in your research for your interview here? What do you feel are the low hanging fruit that you would target? How do you feel you will sell our company to potential candidates? How is recruiting in this industry different than recruiting in other industries? How do you respond to those differences? Based on your experience so far with our process, do you have any process improvement suggestions? How many candidates did you extend offers to in your current job? How many candidates accepted your offers?

One key to successful interviewing is to listen closely to candidate responses. Then ask probing follow-up questions.

The next column will be based on interview questions for contingent recruiters.