Wednesday, February 02, 2011

RecruiterGuy's Top 10 Tips to Finding a Job

1. Take stock of your emotional state. If you were recently laid off or decided that you just had to leave a job, you are probably going through the steps of grief. While taking time to recover, list your best skills and attributes – both professionally and personally.

2. Understand that finding a job is a series of sales or marketing processes.

3. List what sets you apart from other candidates.

4. Create your “Here I Am!” speech or elevator speech.

5. Develop a resume that includes accomplishments and metrics that demonstrate your skills.

6. List at least 250 people that you can approach to begin networking.

7. Call those people and give them your “Here I Am!” speech. Instead of asking if they have a job opening, ask who you should contact next?

8. Research both the company and the manager before you interview (Google their name).

9. Turn your cell phone to airplane mode before you leave your car or other means of transportation.

10. After your interview, take time to list your “Wish I would have said’s.” These will help you improve on your interviews for the future – and help in compensation negotiations.

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