Friday, June 04, 2010

Recruitment Strategy Development – Resume Retrieval

Over my 29 years of recruitment, one of my clients’ biggest problems in sourcing resumes has been retrieving them from their own files.

In the “beginning”, paper resumes were stuffed into file drawers after they were reviewed by a recruiter – generally never to be found again. A year or two later they were all stuffed into the trash to make room for “fresher” resumes, and the cycle began anew.

Today most resumes are sent electronically. This is good for our landfills! The bad news is that they are rarely reviewed before going into the electronic file known as an HRIS (Human Resource Information System) or ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Therefore many times the corporate recruiter does not even know to try to find the resume in their system. They then post the position online and the process again renews itself.

I had one HR client who was so paranoid that I would successfully find resumes in their HRIS that they required me to take HIPPA training prior to granting me access to their resume database. I know HIPPA is for health records but they were desperate to find excuses to keep me away. They then asked me to sign a form saying that I completed the training. Below my name was the word, “Employee”. Since I was a consultant, I refused to sign as an employee to protect the client and they denied me access to their database – dumb!

Were you aware that there are over 30 different titles that mean SALES? Therefore if you are only searching your HRIS or ATS on your in-house title, “Account Manager”, you will miss all of the men and women who are Sales professionals, Account Reps, Account Representatives, Business Development, and the balance of the other sales professionals with the “wrong” titles. The same happens with many titles outside of sales.

I do not sell Broadlook Technologies products nor do I receive a referral fee. They have nifty utility that you may use to find all of those sales titles or other similar titles for other positions. Actually they offer some great search products. The company was founded by a successful recruiter who really knows what he is doing, Donato Diorio. Give them a call to learn about their products.

Meanwhile creative sourcing of resumes in your own database will reap you candidates beyond your dreams! Good Luck!