Sunday, January 24, 2010

Middle and High School Students' Future Job Choices

RecruiterGuy is addressing future generations of workers in this blog.

To the high school and middle school students who are trying to figure out your future careers but don’t really feel that college is the right direction, remember that education has become its own industry. Educators strongly recommend further education.

It is important for us to develop people who want to use their brains and work with their hands. If you decide not to go to college, what are your choices? Actually there are many lucrative choices for you.

We will always need skilled professionals in the building trades. Magnificent buildings and renewable energy farms do not go up by themselves. Homes are not necessarily built by college grads.

Automobiles and trucks are repaired by skilled technicians. Trains are becoming a popular form of transportation again. Someone has to repair them.

Where are there going to be shortages in the near term? Consider that the Utah Manufacturer’s Directory lists 4,595 manufacturers in Utah alone. Some of those firms are very small but each one is building some kind of product. They will need machinists (becoming a critical need as the Baby Boomers are retiring), skilled labor to work in clean manufacturing environments, electricians, HVAC specialists, plumbers, etc.

We already have a shortage of watch repairmen in the US. Watch repairmen? Hey, people don’t just toss the Rolex watches if they break!

Do you enjoy driving? Companies like Salt Lake City’s CR England are always looking for truck drivers and are even willing to help you train.

The tourist industry is very important to the state of Utah. All of the ski resorts hire during the winter. The rafting companies and adventure companies hire during the summer. There will always be jobs in the restaurant industry. Talented servers will always be able to get a good job with a four or five star restaurant and earn a very nice living.

Decide which of your skills that you enjoy and then find an industry that is a good match. The United States needs your talents!