Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mormon Tabernacle Choir and RecruiterGuy

Most of my blogs have targeted the recruitment business from the corporate side, the candidate side, the recruiter side, and even the ethics side. This blog is going to my personal side.

In December we flew to Salt Lake City with the goal of going to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas show. Unfortunately we were not aware of the lottery for the free tickets that took place in early November. All of the tickets had been given out.

Fortunately RecruiterGuy was not going to be let down. This was one of my bucket list items for years. There was no way the PBS production, as nice as it was, would be able to match being there in person. I called the ticket office. They informed me that sometimes people will go to the North Gate at Temple Square to form a line. People with extra tickets will give them away to people in the line.

We arrived at the North Gate at 4 PM and were 7th & 8th in line. After 15 minutes, a person stopped with 2 tickets and gave them to the first people in line. Then a man from Hagerstown, MD with 17 extra tickets that his family had received came by to pass them all out. He gave us two tickets and told us to go to the entrance door immediately to wait until 6:30 PM when they would let us in. Did I mention the temp was 19 degrees?

At 6:30 PM we entered the Conference Center and went to our section. Your section is marked on your ticket and then there is open seating in that section. We chose to sit about midway down. The show began at 8 PM and went to nearly 10 PM.

If you like music, particularly Christmas music, this performance needs to be on your bucket list. The choir was 320 singers strong with an orchestra and two additional performers, actor Edward Hermann and Brian Stokes Mitchell, not to mention the Bells on Temple Hill and 80 other community bell ringers. There were several times when the music or the message brought tears to my eyes (I know I am a sap when it comes to over the top talent!! And these people have that talent!!) http://www.lds.org/events/info/0,8197,726-1-679,00.html

Now I can move to the other items on my bucket list including riding the week of RAGBRAI (www.RAGBRAI.org) this summer to celebrate my 60th year!

Have a Happy, Healthy, and Successful 2009!