Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! And the RecruiterGuy Recipe for Thanksgiving Turkey!

This year we have much to be thankful for despite the financial crisis. Record numbers of people turned out and voted ostensibly for Change. President elect Obama represented change in so many ways and his eloquence is one of them. Hopefully he does not fall into the same traps as other politicians and then give us the same old, same old. On the other hand, sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for.

So this year we look forward as President elect Obama becomes informed on all aspects on running the USA and determines who will assist him. His two daughters are probably pretty excited about their new house and even their new school. The Obama’s will have to work hard to ground them in their values as Washington, DC can be a pretty eye opening place. I know. I was born 9 blocks from the White House and grew up in the DC area.

If our new president makes the right choices, we will all do well. If he only focuses on one segment or problem, we won’t. He needs to realize that people from all segments of the economy and culture voted for him. The hope is that he realizes that we are all in this country together.

Well I need to get cooking, literally. The turkey is RecruiterGuy’s responsibility on Thanksgiving. My turkey is generally a big hit.

Presenting the RecruiterGuy recipe for Thanksgiving Turkey.

Remove the plastic covering the turkey. Clean out your turkey. One of my favorite stories was when I roasted a turkey with the neck and giblet package still in the bags in the holes. Okay it was my first time and I was trying to be helpful. I don’t remember if my wife laughed or cried – or both…

Chop up green peppers, slice onions and granny smith apples, buy baby carrots (no chopping necessary). Crush garlic cloves in a basting cup (coffee cups are fine). Melt butter in the cup with the garlic. Go out to your garden and harvest some fresh rosemary. Locate your salt and pepper and white wine. Obviously you already bought a roasting pan and aluminum foil!

Clean your turkey in the sink – don’t use soap (No RecruiterGuy never made That mistake!). Once your turkey is clean, place it in your roasting pan.

Preheat your oven right now to 325 degrees - That means that you do not put the turkey in until the temp inside your oven reaches 325 degrees (my wife had to teach me that!).

Then rub salt and pepper on the outside and inside of the turkey (remember the bottom!). Then baste the turkey with your garlic and butter. That seals it (I think). Now is the time to stuff your turkey. My stuffing’s purpose is to add moisture and subtle taste to the inside of the turkey, not to eat. So stuff your turkey with your green pepper, onions, apples, and carrots that you chopped, sliced, and whole (baby carrots).

We’re getting close now! Pour some white wine (not too much!) over your turkey and a little into your roasting pan with some water (for basting purposes). Add some of your fresh rosemary to the top of your turkey. Cover your turkey with an aluminum foil tent. When your oven reaches 325 degrees put your turkey in your oven. Now comes my secret….every 20-30 minutes baste your turkey with some of the sauces in the pan. (It’s a labor of love!). After about 2 hours (for a 20 lb. turkey), take off the aluminum foil to brown the turkey while continuing to baste it every 20-30 minutes.

When the pop up thermometer pops up, take your Thanksgiving Turkey out of the oven. Allow it to “rest”, while you are using your oven to prepare your green bean casserole and other goodies. We use Stove Top Stuffing for our dinner stuffing. Once your turkey has cooled a little, you may carve it. Since you spent all of the time caring for it, it is your responsibility to eat some pieces of turkey while you are carving it. Within 2 hours, carve all of your turkey and refrigerate what you don’t eat. Just toss your turkey stuffing. It has done its job. Any turkey problems, call 1-800-Butterball. They are great! And I don’t even recruit for them!

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!