Saturday, September 13, 2008 Recruiting Conference

This week I attended the (Online Recruitment Magazine) recruiting conference in Chicago, IL.

There are always challenges when it comes to attending any industry conference. Does it fit into my schedule? Does it cover topics that will help me improve in my area of expertise? Who are the speakers? Can I attend all of the sessions that apply to the areas that interest me?

This year, everything came together. It was fun to attend Lou Adler’s session on Extreme Sourcing and then meet him after the session – always great to meet an icon in your industry! Lizz Pellet did a wonderful job on employment branding. She had to overcome a laptop that discovered that items will shift in the overhead compartment of the plane by flying out of the overhead compartment and landing on the floor. Of course this little mishap did nothing to improve the demeanor of her laptop. Then she had to overcome a microphone that flew off of her clothing. Always the trooper she overcame both and gave an informative presentation.

There was a lot of emphasis on recruiting Gen Y candidates at this conference. Finally the generation that grew up with technology is in the workforce! For the next ten or so years, they will impact recruitment in ways we are only now beginning to see. Recruitment technology is about to make another leap as these young professionals interface with it.

Companies that are uncomfortable with change will find themselves challenged. These young professionals are about to force all companies to look at recruitment in a new and different way.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll review the conference and the sessions that I attended.