Sunday, September 14, 2008

More from the Onrec Conference

The Onrec Expo 2008 was a Global Online Recruitment Conference. As such, it was not surprising to see topics such as “Hunting for Talent in a Wiki World” by Tamara Erickson or “Virtual Environments: An Untapped Recruiting Resource” by Brent Arslaner.

Tammy Erickson’s presentation was the first presentation that I attended. She had some interesting points, while not surprising, they will create change in recruitment. For instance, both the Baby Boomers and Gen X members had to “learn” to use technology. The members of the Gen Y generation are the first “unconscious learners” of the technology. Therefore it is much more intuitive for them. Where Boomers schedule meetings, Gen Y may just text until they meet. For them, scheduling a meeting is a waste of time. Let’s meet online and solve the problem. Tammy made the point that your company needs a rich and informative website, including video testimonials from employees who discuss what they do and why they like it.

As a result of their comfort with technology, Gen Y has embraced Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks. So how do you recruit Gen Y? Your company needs to go where they are and understand what they are looking for. Tammy Erickson will give you solid insights. You may find her at .

We also learned that Gen Y members are looking for evidence to prove your company walks the talk. Therefore they look for blogs that discuss the work environment and the work at companies. They move seamlessly from your website to other sources of information. You may use tools like to monitor what people within the social media are saying about you as a company and as an employer. This tool helps you hear what is being said about you so you can monitor, manage and effectively engage in social media conversations online.

So how do you meet all of these goals and still recruit Boomers and Gen X? Just as in all areas of recruitment, understand the fundamentals and work them well. Recruitment strategy for Gen Y and other generations is not mutually exclusive. Look for the areas that blend well, such as the rich and informative website. These strategies will work for the recruitment in all generations. Then write solid job descriptions that will help you understand the talents needed in a position and develop a strategy that will help you attract that person.