Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Successful Home Office Worker Tips

Have you decided that you want to work in your home office? Has your company suggested that you work out of your home? Do you want to be successful working in your home?

This is easier than you may think. With the exception of a year and a half when I was the Recruiting Manager of a start up telecom firm, I have worked out of my home since 1990.

First of all, When you have a home office make sure the business phone only rings in your office space - not your dining room or kitchen or bedroom. At the end of the day, shut the lights in your office and announce that you are closed for the day. I like to say that “the world headquarters of RecruiterGuy.com is now closed.” Otherwise you never leave work.

Secondly, Never bring work out of your office into your living area. That area then becomes your office.

Thirdly, You may have a wireless network and be tempted to do email in your living space. Do it only in your office.

Fourth, Don't worry if your company decides that the arrangement isn't working out. That's one of those things you can't control outside of being productive (which you can control).

Fifth, Stay in touch through conference calls or use Skype for video conference calls. If you were in the office and now are working from your home, over communicate rather than under communicate. Schedule office visits as required. There is a need to reconnect personally.

Sixth, If other people or family are living with you, ask them not to interrupt you when you are in your office. Don’t be tempted to wash the dishes or do house work. You are at work.

Seventh, Don’t work at home for the “tax advantages”. There are few tax advantages, unless you count meeting your tax auditor as one of them.

Eighth, Dress for work. If you dress for work, it is easier to act like you are at work and to be productive.

Ninth, Set up your office so everything – computer, phone, printer/scanner/fax (everything you need) is within reach of your chair.

Tenth, Focus on task. It can be easy to listen on others' conversations within your home. Close the door. Be at work. Turn on some white noise like light classical music or John Tesh’s music (sorry John).

If you follow these ten rules, you will be on the right track. Good Luck!