Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mange Your Resume?

Mange and Manage; Manager and Manger; Form and From; Or and Of? What do these words have in common? They all sail safely through Spell Check. They also have very different meanings.

For instance, if you are a “manager” of people and mistakenly write “manger”, I picture a small wooden crib with straw bedding.
More importantly, instead of reading your resume for content, I am now in the editing mode and looking for more typos. This will not benefit you if you want to be a candidate in a search by a professional recruiter.
Your resume is your marketing tool in your search for your next position. It should also be your best foot forward. If you have typos sprinkled through your resume, you are portraying yourself as careless – not a good trait, especially at a leadership level.

Here are some hints. When you complete your resume and before you send it out, ask someone who has not helped you write your resume to read it. Their purpose is to question you on potential typos or grammatical errors. If they helped you write your resume, they will make the same errors you make, pretty interesting. Secondly, do a find/replace on words like “manger”. Chances are manger is not going to show up on most professional resumes today. Thirdly, try reading your resume backward. You may be able to pick up typos when the words are out of context.

I wrote this blog because as RecruiterGuy I have been receiving many resumes with the word “manager” spelled as “manger” recently during a vice president search that I am conducting.