Wednesday, November 14, 2007

YES Summit CU Blog

Hello YES CU bloggers and YES Summit Enthusiasts! I am RecruiterGuy, and my goal is to help you attract and retain the 18-30 year old employees. Oh by the way, I am also one of those Old White Guys – OWG’s for you text folks!

We are going to have an interesting morning on Dec. 5th. An organization, any organization, is either growing or it is dying. It’s important to have the seasoning on your team; and it is also important to have the fresh new faces who don’t know what they can’t do – and their accomplishments will sometimes surprise everyone, including themselves.

In our hour together we will discuss two topics that I could speak hours on. So far my PowerPoint presentation is down to 125 slides so get your coffee early and often. You’ll need to listen fast.

And that is one of my points. This generation has grown up with instant gratification. Remember when you had to wait for the tubes in the TV to warm up before you saw the picture? No more. We had to play Monopoly for hours to determine a winner. With today’s video games, I am sometimes defeated before my seat gets warm. Technology comes easily to these candidates – and that’s where you can find them.