Monday, April 30, 2007

SHRM Staffing Management Conference – New Orleans

As is usually the case, last week SHRM did a great job organizing and running the Staffing Management Conference in New Orleans. This was one of the smoothest running conferences that I ever attended. Nicely done!

There were a variety of speakers speaking on many of the recruitment processes. Attendees came from as far away as China – “The World is Flat” (Thanks, Thomas Friedman!)

It seemed as we moved from one presentation to another that everyone was seeking the Recruitment Holy Grail. What can we do to improve our recruitment processes? Find a new Applicant Tracking System? Is there a new killer app for Internet Recruitment? How do we improve retention so we don’t have to constantly fill the same positions? Tony Blake talked about how he made over recruiting at Great-West. Can we do the same at our companies/clients? How do we do a better job with Internal Referrals? Is our recruiting group viewed as the black hole? If so, how do we become better internal consultants? What is the impact on candidate resume submissions when they have multiple clicks to reach our open positions?

Then we visited the vendors who sent their representatives to sell the services or products to see if they could provide us with the killer recruitment app to help us reach the Recruitment Holy Grail.

Some people got something entirely different out of the conference. For instance, while I have already suggested to a couple of clients that they obtain a DOT Jobs domain, I have decided to finish writing my book on corporate recruitment. John DiPietro and Lizz Pellet were key contributors to that decision. The 26 years that I have spent in recruitment has given me a wealth of information to get out to corporate recruitment staffs.

It was fun to finally meet recruitment icon Gerry Crispin. His CareerXRoads book should be in every recruiter’s space for those times when you need to think a little out of the box.

You do not have to go far to find the Recruitment Holy Grail. It is in you and waiting to be unleashed! See you at the next SHRM staffing Conference in Nashville, TN April 13-16, 2008!