Friday, February 16, 2007

Focus Fridays Plant HR Generalist

We are currently seeking a Human Resources Administrator (duties similar to HR Generalist) for our client's manufacturing facility located in Winchester, VA. The successful candidate will assist in the administration and development of various human resource plans and programs.

Specific duties include:

Maintain good communication and a positive relationship with employees that promote employee satisfaction.
Assist in resolving disputes by providing advice within federal and state employment laws.
Research and resolve employee issues relating to benefits and compensation and respond to inquiries concerning benefits and compensation.
Respond to general inquiries regarding policies, procedures, and programs.
Support recruitment and staffing efforts for plant workforce.
Maintain the employee relations database.
Coordinate temporary staffing needs with outside agencies.
Assist site trainer in coordinating training for employees.
Assist with the organization of company functions such as parties and meetings.

This position is responsible for working with the employees to assist in FMLA and sexual harassment counseling, training, and investigations, if needed.

B.S. Degree in business or a related field.
2-3 years of HR support experience.
Must be able to maintain confidentiality.
Proficient in Microsoft Office applications.
Ability to learn other software applications.
Ability to occasionally work flexible hours.

You may send your resume to or by clicking on the Employment Opportunities button on the left.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Collected on a Lunch

I collected on a lunch today.

Many times when I sit down with a new college grad or a professional who is out of work, I pay for the lunch while we are discussing their career search. The deal is that they will buy me lunch once they line up their first or next job.

Unfortunately I collect on very few of those lunches. That made this lunch so special.

When Carrie H. graduated with her BA, we sat down to discuss her job search. We discussed all aspects of her search – her goals, her resume, how to effectively network, the interview process, and salary negotiation.

Since then she earned her MA and had a solid paid internship with a local high tech company in their Human Resource Department. During her internship, she was able to take Lean Manufacturing classes including Value Stream Mapping.

All good internships have to come to an end.

This week, Carrie accepted a great job in the Human Resource Department with one of the major airlines. I used to be a Premier Exec with them.

It is really exciting for me to watch her progress as Carrie begins her career (although probably not as exciting as her parents!).

Over lunch, Carrie was excited (and proud – well she should be!) as she discussed her job search and her acceptance at the airline. This will be perfect job for her since it provides opportunity for growth.

After lunch, Carrie told me that she still has the spreadsheet of contacts that I suggested that she create for networking (since names and numbers are a candidate’s most valuable commodity). She said that she has added to it.

Oh yeah, how did Carrie find this job? She did a great job in her internship and networked her way into an interview.

Thanks for lunch, Carrie! And Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Tribute to Jackie G

Sorry that I dropped off of the Blog for a month. It was a tough January. As the beginning of my client’s fiscal year, the managers were newly motivated to fill both their old and new positions. My priority is to support my client.

Secondly, another client was fighting a losing battle with cancer.

Somehow my Blog fell to a distant third priority.

Jackie G. was the CFO of a company that I have supported three times since 2002. She was also the partner of a management consulting firm that I have worked with on and off since 1999.

Sadly, Jackie passed away on Friday, January 26 and was buried on Friday, February 2 in Akron, IA. She gallantly fought her cancer until the very end.

Jackie was one of those individuals who was disgusted with the greed of the indicted CFO’s. Integrity was a quality that you either lived or you didn’t.

You see, Jackie’s world was a world of numbers. Either the numbers were correct or they weren’t. There was no gray world. It was refreshing to be in a conversation with her. There were very, very few qualifications that she would accept. I am sure there were times that I drove Jackie crazy because recruiters deal with humans, not numbers. Therefore, our world is gray most of the time because we can’t know everything.

Jackie was a very special person. With her partners Joe and Tim, MainStream Management LLC is very client focused. Jackie made positive impacts on individuals not only in the US but in Europe and Asia, not bad for a girl from a small Iowa town.

She discovered that she had cancer in October 2006. She had surgery that week and began a journey that ended a couple of weeks ago. Instead of taking time off to enjoy her last few months, she was accepted into a stage one test to fight cancer. This meant that she was going to have to spend Christmas in the hospital in New York City.

Her family rallied around her and did everything they could to help her through her treatments. She was so proud of her daughters and grandchildren. She deeply loved her husband.

At the end of her life, Jackie was still helping future generations of people. Hopefully her autopsy will show that the treatment for cancer was beginning to work.

In Jackie’s spirit of helping people, her family established a scholarship in her name at Morningside College in Sioux City, IA for non-traditional students. It is a fitting tribute to Jackie and her life. With this scholarship, Jackie will continue to help future generations.

Jackie, we will miss you!