Saturday, December 02, 2006

Candidates - Redouble Your Job Search Efforts Now!

Contrary to what is considered to be common knowledge, now is the best time of the year to look for your next job! And you thought companies in their final quarter are waiting until after the Holidays and their new budgets to begin.

Consider – Managers know what budgeted positions are available to them beginning in January. Since it usually takes some time between the beginning of a search and its completion, the Hiring Manager who is on the ball is looking right now to add to their team. The selected candidate can start on January 2nd. This enables them the opportunity to snag good candidates while other managers are taking the Holidays off from interviewing; and have them start in the new budget year.

Additionally, this is the warm and fuzzy time of the year. I had a candidate once interview on Christmas Eve morning. The interview lasted all morning and she appeared to be a great fit. They invited her to stay for a quick lunch – and extended her an offer on the spot. She called me Christmas day to tell me that she accepted their offer and would start in the first week of January.

Her story could be yours.