Monday, November 13, 2006

Welcome to my Recruitment Blog

Since this is my first blog, let me introduce myself. I am a professional recruiter whose business model is a contract recruitment business. My experience as a professional contingent recruiter began in 1981 in Washington, DC, during a pretty bad recession (Timing is Everything!). Of course, since I started recruiting in a recession, it was okay to go into business for myself in 1990 – during a recession (okay, maybe I am a little slow sometimes!).

My contract recruitment business is legally called The Humbert Group LLC. However for many years people have simply called me “RecruiterGuy.” I understand there is an imitator out there somewhere, just go to, look at website URL registration dates, and decide on your own. No matter. My contract recruiter model is further differentiated by the fact that I work with one company at a time and charge a flat monthly fee to partner with my client.

In order to understand some things that I will say in this blog, it is good for you to know some of my core values – Honesty, Integrity, and Respect are a good start. My Mom and Dad instilled these values in me as a child; my teachers and coaches at DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, MD reinforced them; and my professors and coaches at Assumption College in Worcester, MA further reinforced them. All three groups instilled the value of community service.

This blog is for candidates (isn’t everyone a candidate sometime?), other Recruiters (Internal and External), and Hiring Managers. As a Contract Recruiter, I work closely with all of these groups. The topics will range from job description development to interviewing from both sides of the desk to retaining “Impact Performers”. Hopefully these blogs will make a positive, measurable impact somewhere with you. On Fridays, this blog will be “Focus Friday”. On “Focus Fridays”, I will highlight one of the jobs that I am recruiting for.

Oh yeah, while my last name may be Humbert, there is a strong Irish streak in me. Therefore, while I do not have any personal political ambitions, you may see an occasional observation on the political process. The purpose will be to make you think about how we can reinvent our country to make one of the best places to live even better.

As one of the Hiring Managers that I worked with at Latitude Communications in Santa Clara used to say, “So there you have it!” Thanks Wayne!