Friday, November 17, 2006

Focus Fridays - Chief Process Engineer

Beginning the tradition of "Focus Fridays", the Chief Process Engineer is the position that I am devoting attention to this week.

My client, Trex Company, is the leader in composite wood decks, railings, and privacy fencing. The Trex product has a 25 year warrantee, never needs staining, never warps or splinters. Wait until you see the new privacy fencing!! It will leap out of the plants!

Trex Company also keeps plastic and wood fiber out of the landfills. The company buys hundreds of millions of pounds of poly (plastic shopping bags and industrial shrink wrap). Trex Company also buys hundreds of millions of pounds of wood fiber (wood chips/sawdust) that is pulverized and combined with the plastic to create its products.

This position is very important because it is the position that ushers the new products from Research and Development to production. If you are qualified and interested in the Chief Process Engineer position, you may apply by clicking “Employment Opportunities” on the menu on the left and follow the menu. If you know someone who may be interested, have them reply via email to me at

The position is located in Winchester, VA and reports directly to the VP of Manufacturing. The job description is below. Trex Company has a wonderful relocation program.

Manage all process engineering functions for the company related to product and process development transition to full-scale production via a method called Pilot Production. Duties will include indirect supervisory responsibilities, financial and project management, operational effectiveness of assigned process and project maturation projects and technical development support.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Develop an effective transition means from process and/or product development to full-scale production capability. This Pilot Production Process will be accomplished in the following manner:
a. Effectively communicate project progress within the Manufacturing, Marketing and Research and Development departments to transition from research and development to production
b. Establish resident knowledge of process parameters and controls within the entire Trex manufacturing organization
c. Implement production process instructions and control plans that ensure 100% capability with tangible and measurable goals
d. Identify process improvement opportunities and prioritize within the appropriate plant functions
e. Establish ownership of the development-to-production maturation process
2. Implement standardized plant processes for new processes and/or process equipment including the following:
a. Manufacturing process documentation
b. Logistics operations including shop floor management and materials movements
c. Financial transactions
d. Training of new or changed processes
e. Materials testing and reporting
f. Continuous improvement programs
3. Manage the production pilot production process to include plants producing finished goods at 100% of rate and material cost goals. Objective is to demonstrate process, process capability and quality level using plant resources and associated project budgets. Additionally, improvement projects will be initiated by this position to optimize operations, develop and implement cost reduction programs and make strategic recommendation that reduce cost, increase performance and improve product quality.
4. Manage expense budget of approximately $800 thousand dollars annually.
5. Responsible for developing manufacturing teams by using the following measures:
a. Training regimens that certify the competency of process and maintenance technicians for the intended process
b. Coaching crews in methods that will meet plant performance requirements of yield, uptime and minimum line rate
c. Coaching process engineers on critical parameters in processing equipment and tooling
6. Manage external suppliers in support of the project objectives
7. Manage and maintain organizational effectiveness by ensuring processes are in place to optimize resources from R&D, logistics and other functional resources with focus on the overall objectives of the corporation.
8. Manage the change process within the plants. Assign responsibility within the site staffing to facilitate the change process.
9. Install capital projects as appropriate within the scope of lean implementation, process change and/or addition and maintenance of business as determined by the supervisor and plant manager.
Supervises Indirectly:

1. Process Technicians-275
2. Team Leaders-16
3. Maintenance Technicians-30
4. Unit Engineers-10
Scope of Position (Consider expense and capital budgets, manufacturing lines, pounds, and similar quantifiable data):
Indirectly supervise up to 300 people. Budgetary responsibilities to include: $800M per year in project expense; $2.5MM per year in capital expenditures. Impact potential is up to thirty manufacturing lines producing 900MM lbs per year of finished goods. Assets totaling over $165MM, facilities of approximately 750 M sq. ft.

Requirements: Must have a M.S. in Engineering or Polymer Science (other educational degrees can be applicable with related experiences), 5 years of continuous improvement and/or lean manufacturing experience, 5 years prior experience in maintenance and plant engineering/operations and prior experience in capital project management. Critical competencies include:
Effective communications
Lean Manufacturing/ Six Sigma
Teamwork with emphasis on Partnering with other organizations
Setting high standards
Strategic vision
Technical knowledge
Operational effectiveness

Trex Company has a track record of promoting Impact Performers. This is the opportunity to work with a market leader!

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